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Dear HAEC Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Welcome to the High Achievers Education Center! Here we are dedicated to providing the best academic foundation for your high achiever. HAEC offers a dynamic learning environment focused on helping students achieve great levels of academic success and high expectations.

In order to help your child live up to their maximum potential, it will take every collaborative effort between you and HAEC. Your involvement in your child’s education is vital to their success.

Our school strives for continual improvements. Therefore, we need your continued support. We are asking that all HAEC parents offer their time and service through our Parent Engagement Partner (PEP Team) where there are numerous volunteer opportunities.

Going forward please read and discuss the HAEC Handbook with your child so that they are aware of their responsibilities on their educational journey. Please give both immediate and careful attention to the following topics:

· 2017-2018 School Calendar

· Arrival and Departure Procedures

· Uniform Policies

· School Policies

We are looking forward to an exceptional year at HAEC-High Achievers Education Center. We are glad you are here.

Kindest Regards,

Nadra Powell Ed.D., owner/educator


Uniforms of Choice 

blue polo.jpg
uniform .jpg


Royal Blue or Navy Blue Polos


Khaki or Navy Bottoms or Jumpers 


Did you know???

Blue Represents

Communications: Blue relates to one-to-one verbal communication and self expression. 

Peace & Calm: The color blue induces calm and peace within us, particularly the deeper shades. 

Honesty: Blue is the color of truth 

Authority: The darker the color blue, the more authority it has. 

Religion: Blue is the color of devotion and religious study. 

Wisdom: Blue enhances the wisdom of the intellect.